Looking for an authentic way to communicate your teaching beyond students’ ratings?

Wanting to define and document your teaching philosophy, effectiveness, and ability to be self-reflective? 

Desiring dialogue with colleagues in the professional context of teaching?


Teaching Portfolio is a collection of materials, artifacts, and reflections that illuminate a teacher’s unique approach to teaching learning.



Students’ ratings of instruction do not paint a full picture of the complexities of teaching. Portfolios capture an authentic and holistic of a teacher’s experiences, competencies, progress, goals, and accomplishments over time (Kennedy, 1999). Formalized reflectivances teaching quality (Bliss & Mazur, 1997; Hammerness, Darling-Hammond, & Shulman, 2002; Roeser, 2002).



In this workshop, we will: 1) understand how portfolios can be used to contextualize student evaluations; 2) reflect on your teaching goals and style; and 3) celebrate and advance effective teaching practices.



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Reflect & Grow: This is a more formal representation of what occurs informally with great frequency: thoughtful discussion of my teaching and on how it affects or is affected by others; and honest and thoughtful discussion of activities, assignments, lectures, and grading in large-class sizes that have been successful or could perhaps be more successful. This is how teachers improve, and as a teacher who holds herself to very high standards, I seek out these opportunities to reflect and to grow.

~ Isabelle Brock, College of Liberal Arts

Impact: The Center for Teaching and Learning was an invaluable resource when the time came to present my dossier for promotion to the rank of Senior Instructor II. The Center provided a tool to describe my work according to six principles of teaching in an authentic and evidence-based way. This model offered me a clear direction and ensured that I not only highlighted my academic, advising and service contributions to date but also detailed the impact of what I do at the University and with Latina/o communities across the state. Assembling my portfolio following the guidance of the Center for Teaching and Learning resulted in a powerful self-reflection exercise. It led to a thoughtful account of how the various components of my work align to be a contribution that has impact. It also enabled me to identify specific areas that I could improve and informed the changes that I have been implementing since.

~ Loren Chavarria, College of Liberal Arts

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