Evaluating Effective Teaching: Meet the Quality Teaching Framework, SLE, & More


On November 2, Devon Quick presented the historical evolution of the QT Framework and SLEs. She defined their purpose and described their potential use. View this VIDEO for additional information on using these OSU adoptions to evaluate effective teaching. View resources and presentation slides.

As a land grant institution, a commitment to teaching and the goal of transformative education accessible to ALL learners, is part of Oregon State University's mission. The Advancement of Teaching (AOT), a Faculty senate committee, was asked to answer the question of what quality teaching looks like at OSU.

This mission initiated the Quality Teaching Framework (QT Framework) which was a 3-4 year effort. In addition to the AOT, the mission included high-touch support from the Center for Teaching and Learning; over 80 teaching faculty, administrators, GTAs, and students; units across campus; and consultations from outside universities further ahead in doing similar work. 

The QT Framework and SLE instruments were endorsed by the faculty senate in 2021. CTL supports these adoptions as they highlight quality teaching at OSU and are aligned to the work we do.

Be sure to visit our resources under the Quality Teaching tab to learn more about how this framework fosters quality teaching and evaluation. For more information, a quick consultation.

A Quality Teacher is understood to:

  1. Contribute to an inclusive and meaningful learning community;

  2. Practice teaching as a discipline; and

  3. Mentor and advise students.